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Welcome to our small corner of the world wide web! At myfirstbaby.org our focus is to provide you with all the information you need to prepare for pregnancy. We cater to those families, who, like ourselves, are just starting the process and have discovered that there is a lot more to the process than we first thought..

This site started as a commitment to ourselves to educate ourselves in a way that will enrich us as we go through this adventure. After all, knowledge is power!

Our Story

My name is Joe and I am a freelance web developer. My wife, Natasha, works for the local school district.

Even before we were married, we knew that having a family was in our future. After much hesitation and worry about being able to afford raising children, we decided that we were at at point in our lives when we just needed to take the plunge. We both have very strong family backgrounds and have seen the joy in our siblings and friends as their families expand.

We have read many books and researched many other sites to find information that is pertinent to families. One of our most valuable resources was talking to our group of friends about their experiences and what suggestions they would have for us.

Do You Have Questions About Pregnancy?

When we started hearing stories about the pregnancy process, we though that other first time couples might be looking for the same information we were. Though there are many wives tales that friends and families will most likely share, there are some facts about the pregnancy process that every couple should know. In our research we learned about truth behind pregnancies and how to prepare for them. It is then that we decided that a website where all this information is compiled would be beneficial for all those trying to conceive or pregnant with their first child.

And that’s how myfirstbaby.org was born!

We look forward to this journey and sharing our experiences with our visitors. We will continue to add articles and other fun features to the site as we develop them.

Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to contact us with any ideas or suggestions to include in our site. Go to our Contact Us page to leave a comment.

About the Future

We have big plans for this site and are excited about all that we plan to offer as time goes on… Please check back occasionally to see what we’ve added!

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