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In western cultures, the gender of an unborn baby is largely believed to be a matter of chance. To us it is simply determined at conception and can really only be found out several months into the pregnancy. This has worked reasonably well for us since generally very little is at stake.

The story is very different in some eastern cultures where one gender is still highly prized over the other. A families entire financial future may hinge on something we leave up to chance. The ancient Chinese went to great lengths and developed complex methods to determine baby gender.

Though many of their secrets have been lost to time there are still modern day practitioners who put some of these methods to work. We are attempting, through our research, to unravel some of the mysteries of baby gender and present our findings here for your enjoyment.

If you feel a strong preference about your baby’s gender then we hope you will find some useful nuggets in the articles presented here.

About the Chinese Birth Calendar

For over a thousand years, women have the Chinese birth calendar to predict and control the gender of their future baby.

Chinese Gender Prediction

Learning about Chinese gender prediction techniques can be a fun way to figure out if you can determine the gender of your baby without an ultrasound.

The Chinese Gender Calendar

Use Chinese gender calendars to learn (or even determine) what the gender of your baby will be.

Using The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

The Chinese Pregnancy calendar, discovered over 700 years ago, is just one tool in the quest to find out whether to paint the nursery pink or blue.

Wives Tales: Baby Gender Predictors

Perhaps you have heard some of these before? Here is a collection of the most common wives tales baby gender prediction theories.

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