Must Haves For Your Baby Registry Checklist

Baby registry checklist made simple

First time moms may be overwhelmed over the prospect of creating a registry in the midst of a large baby goods store. Employees will most likely encourage you to register for anything and everything you like. This is generally not a great idea, as you will end up receiving many things you may want, but not everything that you really need. The following baby registry checklist will help you to prioritize the most important items to include on your registry.


Every family will have different needs for their new arrival’s sleep situation. For example, if you are planning to co-sleep with your child, you will not need a bassinette. Depending upon when you choose to kick the baby out of the family bed, you may need a crib. Use the Babies-R-Us Crib Comparison Tool online to help narrow down your choices. Other sleep related items you will want to put on your baby registry checklist include:

  • Crib bedding set
  • Extra sheets for bassinette and crib
  • Crib mattress
  • Receiving blankets
  • Baby monitor


Hopefully, you are planning to breastfeed your baby, and if so, you will need some gear. A Boppy Pillow is a wonderful help to breastfeeding and bottle-feeding moms alike. Pads that line your bra are also important because, once your milk comes in you will find yourself leaking frequently. You might also want a pump if you plan to introduce a bottle later, even if just for the baby-sitter. Other feeding essentials you will need, if using bottles, include the following:

  • Bottles—you will want enough to get you through each day, so around 8
  • Nipples of various flow stages
  • A bottle brush for cleaning
  • Drying rack for bottles
  • Optional feeding tools include bottle warmers and sterilizers, but these are not necessary. If you plan to do large scale pumping and storing, you will also want to get freezable milk storage bags or containers.


Travel needs include car seats, strollers, and carriers. The Babies-R-Us Comparison Tool can help you to find the perfect stroller and car seat. Convertible car seats are the most economical option as they can be used from birth through up to 100 pounds. Infant seats are very nice, as you can transport your sleeping baby from the car to your destination without waking him or her. Travel systems are a great way to register for your infant car seat and stroller. Wrap style carriers are also very nice to have as babies like to be held close to your body. These wraps distribute the weight evenly and can hold a newborn up to a fairly large toddler.

Play and Clothing

You should probably register for a few large play items that you definitely want such as a bouncer seat, swing, jumper, and/or activity mat. As for small rattles, trinkets, and stuffed animal, let your friends and family have fun picking out the little items that they like. The same is true for clothing. Itemizing what outfits you want takes much of the fun away from shopping for your baby. Let others enjoy finding cute outfits on their own. They probably would not stick to your list anyway.

This baby registry checklist is designed to provide ideas for your basic newborn needs. Your personal situation may differ. Once your baby arrives, you will most certainly discover a host of items that you want, but your registry should cover all or most of your essential mom and baby survival items.

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