Baby Shower Checklist:
Making Parties Unforgetabble

Follow this simple baby shower checklist

Having a baby, whether it be your first or not, is surely a momentous event. This is the reason why as early as two months before the expected delivery date, your close friends and family will want to plan for a celebration to welcome the newest addition. It is most common for the maid or matron of honor at your wedding to plan the baby shower. But, it is often the case where soon to be grandmothers also help coordinate the shower. For this, having a baby shower checklist can help you in making sure that the event will be successful and memorable to you and your loved ones.

For starters, a baby shower checklist could be the glue that keeps you together, given that the event can be extremely fun and stressful at the same time. Bear in mind that at two months before the date of delivery, your health will probably be in a very delicate state. This condition will make you need a list so that you will not forget the ideas that pop inside your head any time of the day. After jotting down different ideas to make the baby shower party a successful event, a list will greatly help in the area of creating a time frame which you will have to follow in order to have the ideas and plans that you thought of materialized. Having a checklist will help the people organizing the shower know exactly what you want.

A baby checklist could be everything you want it to be. For example, you can simply write your plans on a sheet of paper, or choose to download .pdf or .xls files in order to make it fully organized. However, if you look at the trends today, more and more moms prefer to make some kind of collage in order to plan the party. Excited moms put pictures, fabrics, and letters to their future kids while they plan the baby shower. It could be a great pastime as well as making a way for your little one to have an idea of how much you prepared for his special day when he grows up. After deciding on the time, theme, and venue of the baby shower- which are the general parts of any party, it is time to move on to the specifics.

A baby shower checklist usually includes these things:

  • List of people who will be invited as guests in the party. These should be the people who have been an important part of your life in the past as well as those who you think can be a great influence to your kid in the future. If you are working under a tight budget, you should make the party as intimate as possible.
  • Given that the theme of the party has been established, you should have a design in mind. For this, you might need to have a list of materials needed such as hats, streamers, and food options. You might want to compare prices between different brands and stores in order to save as much money as possible.
  • Photographers and videographers in order for the party to be properly documented. Remember, this event is once in a lifetime, and you will obviously want to capture it in the best way possible. Remember all of these things and your baby’s shower party will be a lifetime memory, thanks to the baby shower checklist.
  • Instructions for games. Your friends and family will probably be responsible for planning most of the games for your baby shower, but it will be important to have written down the instructions for the games and have ready any writing materials that may be needed.
  • Create your baby registry before the shower invitations go out. This way, your invitees will know exactly what you’re looking for. Feel free to put big ticket items on the registry because your invitees are more likely to go in together on a huge gift than on their own.
  • Going away gifts. As a ‘thank you’ for your guests coming to your baby shower, it is a nice idea to have a going away gift. Something simple that commemorates the big event. Personalized magnets, thank you cards, baby item shaped food items, be creative!

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