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​The Chinese birth calendar is also known as the Chinese conceiving calendar and the Chinese pregnancy chart. For over a thousand years, women have used this chart to predict and control the gender of their future baby. Amongst the royalty of Imperial China, gender was very important in determining which bloodline would continue, and who would inherit the throne. Having a clear male heir meant that there would be no conflict when it came time to pass down the throne, and would ensure peace in the royal family. The pregnancy chart was developed to help predict the best times to conceive a male child.

Since the fall of Imperialism, women, first across China, then around the world, have been using this chart to predict the gender of their future children. While the exact formula used is unknown, the chart uses the mother’s age combined with the date of conception to determine the baby’s gender. Both numbers are based on the Chinese calendar. While the Chinese birth calendar’s calculations have no basis in modern science, it is said to be 97% accurate when used correctly. Today, the original chart is located at the Institute of Science and Technology in Beijing and while most women do not use it to control the gender of their children, it has become a fun activity to predict the baby’s gender.

​Whether you are trying to control the gender of your baby, are looking for a game to play at your shower or you simply cannot wait the seven months it takes before your baby’s gender will show up on an ultrasound, the Chinese birth calendar must be read correctly for the most accurate results. First, you must calculate your age and the month of conception according to the Chinese calendar.

Doing the calculations yourself takes a little work, but is not impossible. The first thing to understand is how to count your age. In the Chinese calendar, age represents how many years you have traversed, instead of how many years you have completed. For example, if you were born on December 1, 1984, you would turn two on January 1, 1985 because you have been alive during two different years. Depending on your birthday, your Chinese age will usually be two years older than your Gregorian age.

The Chinese lunar calendar is based on the phases of the moon. A new moon signifies a new month, and there will be either twelve or thirteen months in a year, depending on the number of new moons. A year with thirteen months is considered a leap year. To determine which lunar month your baby was conceived, simply look up the current lunar month and backtrack to the date of conception, using the lunar phases indicated on any wall calendar.

Once you have determined your correct age and the date of your baby’s conception, it is easy to apply this information to the Chinese birth calendar. The charts themselves are available for download and printing in English translations from numerous places online. Ages from 18 to 45 are listed down the left hand side of the chart and the months of the year are listed across the top of the chart. Put one finger on your age and one finger on the month of conception. Move the fingers along the corresponding row or column and the place that they meet will be marked with your baby’s gender.

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