Expectant Mothers: Find The Gender Of Your Baby Using Chinese Gender Calendars

Using Chinese gender calendars is easy.

Chinese gender calendars have been one of the greatest mysteries of this time. It is safe to say that a lot of people are mystified especially with the idea that the gender of a child, even before pregnancy, can be predicted. This is perhaps because these gender calendars are not considered to be absolutely scientific in nature, but started largely as a community based cultural practice in China. Another reason is the dominant belief that technology, science, and all of the complicated machines hold the monopoly in discovering the gender of your child. You yourself might believe in that, and may have thought that this is another Chinese joke of some sort; but, if you look back to different generations of women as well as their families, you will be amazed at how they were able to survive before ultrasound machines were introduced. The point is, if there was no grain of truth in the existence of Chinese gender calendars, the practice will die out just like any other demystified cultural practice. In fact, it might even be safe to say that during the time that the calendar or predictor was introduced to society, it was probably one of the most advanced things discovered to help people.

You might want to remember that there are a lot of contributions made by the Chinese in the areas of health particularly physical wellness and alternative medicine. Tai Chi, herbal medicines, and acupuncture were considered non-medical practices before, but are considered as branches of science now. Secondly, just like the Chinese Zodiac, Chinese gender calendars are based on Mathematical equations. Although there is very little time devoted to academically engage the system, there is an estimated ninety percent success and accuracy rate to the system, according to the listed number of people who have used the calendar and have given different feedback after. As a system, the calendar can predict the gender of babies even before the mother conceives. Secondly, if a woman is currently pregnant, it can keep track of her pregnancy and can be used as an immediate reference if both parents cannot wait to know the gender of the baby.

A prediction can be based on two factors: the month of pregnancy and the age of the mother during the time when she conceived the child. In using Chinese gender calendars, there will be a line that will represent the age of the mother and a line that indicates the month of conception. These two lines will meet each other at some point and the calendar will indicate the gender of the child you are currently bearing. Therefore, if you are a first time mom, or would like to know how to predict the gender of the bay on your own, you might want to check out these calendars. You will be happy to know that gender predictors are already available online and can be accessed easily; now that is what you call comfort in everything that you do.

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