Using Chinese Gender Prediction To Predict The Sex Of Your Baby

Easy to follow Chinese gender prediction techniques

Chinese gender prediction is a fun and easy way to predict the gender of your child that has been used by women in China for many hundreds of years. Most women do not get to find out the sex of their baby until the anatomy ultrasound, which is carried out at about 20 weeks. This can be a very long time to wait for many expectant mothers, especially when you are dying to start shopping for little outfits in pink and blue! Using a gender prediction method such as the Chinese prediction chart may not be entirely accurate but can be a fun way to pass the time while you are waiting for a more accurate prediction from your doctor.

So how does the Chinese gender prediction method work? The Chinese birth chart was allegedly found buried in a royal tomb near the city of Beijing over 700 years ago. Some sources claim that the chart is over 90% accurate. To use this method you need to work out your Chinese lunar age at the time of conception and know the month in which you conceived your baby. If you are not sure of the date your baby was conceived, you can estimate it by counting back two weeks from the date of your last period. You then simply look up this age and month in the chart and it will tell you if you are going to have a boy or girl!

There are many free Chinese gender prediction charts available online, some of which are easier to use than others. Some websites will calculate your Chinese lunar age for you, but it is more accurate if you do this yourself. To find out your Chinese lunar age you need to take the following steps:

  • The Chinese consider time spent in the womb as part of the age of a child so when a baby is born, they are already one year old. Therefore, you need to add one year to your normal age to get your Chinese age. For example if you are 25 years old, you would be considered to be 26 by the Chinese system.
  • If your birthday is in January or February then you will also need to consult a Chinese calendar as the date of Chinese Lunar New Year varies every year, rather than starting on January 1st, as it does in western countries.
  • If this applies to you then look up your year of birth in a Chinese lunar calendar (these are freely available online). If, for example, you were born in 1980, the year of the monkey, the year started on February 16th. If you were born on or after this date, the normal rule applies of adding one year to your age. However, if you were born before this date, you are considered to be born in the previous year, so you need to add two years to your age.

Remember to check back after your baby is born to see if the Chinese gender prediction chart was right!

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