Enjoying The Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy stages are also referred to as trimesters, with each stage lasting for a period of three months. These stages are a way to indicate the development of your baby within your womb as your pregnancy progresses through time. It is only natural to be curious as to how to take care of the growing person inside your body. The pregnancy is also a time to improve relationships with your partner. As a product of your love for each other, this period is also critical as it helps set the stage in becoming parents.

Pregnancy consists of three trimesters. The first trimester starts the day after your last period ended up until the 12th week. You will begin experiencing changes even during the first week. There may not be a baby bump just yet but you will feel other changes as your baby starts to develop inside you. Your breasts will start to swell and you will urinate more frequently. Feelings of nausea and vomiting are common during this time and you may find yourself getting tired easier. Sexual attraction may drop during this time but this is normal. You will also start gaining weight.

Of the three pregnancy stages, the first trimester is considered the most critical. Starting on the 25th day of the first month, your baby’s heart will start to beat. Legs and arms will begin to form soon after. Your baby is just a fifth of an inch long but all the major organs are already beginning to develop as well.

Regular checkup with an ob gynecologist, a healthy diet and safe exercise are vital beginning with the first trimester. As your baby will be drawing nutrients from what you eat, you will need to be extra careful with what you take in. Extra nutrients are needed to feed both you and your precious child. Dietitians may advise 300 calories added to your daily diet, leading to a weight gain of about 4 pounds during the first trimester alone.

Next is the second trimester, which starts during the 13th week up to 28th. Your belly will start getting noticeably larger. Breasts will continue to swell but will no longer be as sensitive as before. Other parts that start to swell include hands, feet and ankles. Your appetite and energy levels will also start to improve. As the size of your belly increases, aches and pains around the body will also be felt. Stretch marks and dark patches of skin will also start to develop around this time. Before the end of this stage, you will start to feel your baby kick and move.

The third trimester is the last of the pregnancy stages. By this time, your baby’s bones have fully formed but they are still soft. Yet even with soft bones, you will feel your baby’s legs kick. This is the time your baby will gain the most weight in a short span of time, approximately half a pound each week. Sexual activity between you and your partner will improve but because of the baby bump, you will need to be more creative.

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