Age Old Wives Tales:
Baby Gender Predictors

Common wives tales baby gender predictors

When you are pregnant, waiting nine months to find out the sex of your baby is an agonizing, long period of time. Wives tales that predict the baby’s gender have been around for many years and may be able to provide you with a little insight of the impending future. Whether it is something that you believe in or not, everyone will tell you that there is some magical way to determine the sex of your child. Scientifically, having an amniocentesis, ultra sound or chorionic villus sampling is the only way to know for sure the sex of your baby. However, there are many old wives tales that still claim to be able to predict the sex of your baby, so have fun with them and believe them if you want to. Anyway, it is always a 50-50 chance that the wives tales baby gender predictors are right.

A Round or Full Face?

One wives tale is that the shape of your face while you are pregnant can indicate the sex of your baby. If your face rounds out and becomes rosy in color, it is supposed to be justifiable evidence that you will be having a girl. If your face does not gain too much weight during your pregnancy, then a bouncing baby boy is in your future.

The Ring Test

The ring test has been done for quite some time and many people still believe that it can tell the sex of their baby. If you would like to try, hang a ring from a string over your belly, and have someone hold it over top of you while you are lying on your back. If the ring begins to swing in a circle, then you are having a boy. If the ring swings in a back-and-forth motion, then your baby is going to be a girl.

The Drain-O Test

This wives tale baby gender predictor is one of the most frequently used, and many people believe that it still works. There is supposedly a chemical in Drain-o that will only react with a pregnant mother’s urine and cause it to change color, revealing the sex of the baby. To try this one, take a tablespoon of Drain-o, place it in a cup, and urinate into the cup. If the Drain-o and urine mixture turns blue, then a boy is in your future. If the mixture turns green, then a daughter will be coming soon.

Mayan Beliefs

The Mayans believed that different numbers and dates could predict the sex of a baby. The Chinese also have a similar theory. If you believe that the Mayans knew what they were doing, and would like to try their system of prediction, then take the age of the mother at conception and the year of the conception and add them together. If your result is an odd number, then you are going to welcome a boy. If an even number results, then a baby girl is in your future.

The Key Test

This test needs to be given to you by surprise. Anyone can put a key on the table and watch you pick it up. Depending on what part of the key you pick up first will determine the sex of your baby. If you choose to pick up the larger side, it will be a boy. If you select the narrow part of the key, on the bottom, you will be having a girl. Finally, if you grabbed the key right in the center, then congratulations you are having twins.

Wives tales baby gender predictors have been around for as many years as we can imagine. The lists will probably continue to grow as the years go on. There are so many wives tales about pregnancies and baby’s gender; it is sometimes hard to discern what is fact and what is fiction. Your grandmother and her mother, and her mother, and so on, may have wholeheartedly believed in wives tales baby gender predictors. You may wait for your baby to be born to see the sex, or have a little fun with it and try some wives tales. Write down some of the results and decide which wives tales really worked and be sure to pass them on, so that others can use them too.

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