Your Pregnancy
And First Trimester Symptoms

First Trimester Symptoms of Pregnancy

Being pregnant means preparing to bring a new life into the world. Every stage of pregnancy is very important, for both you and your baby. The more you know about what to expect during your pregnancy, the more fulfilling a time it will be for you.

There are some first trimester symptoms that are common to most women. One symptom is often referred to as morning sickness. This term is not necessarily accurate. Morning sickness can actually occur at any time of the day or night. The point to keep in mind is it is your body’s way of reacting to the hormonal changes of pregnancy. However, it does not have to be disruptive. If you have been experiencing nausea, vomiting, or both, it should be easy to notice a pattern. Noting the time of day it usually occurs, whether there are certain foods that tend to trigger it, and if you feel ill on an empty or full stomach, can be helpful. You can adjust your eating patterns accordingly. You must never take any kind of medication to deal with the nausea or vomiting. If it is extreme, ask your doctor for advice.

First trimester symptoms generally include the end of menstrual periods. In rare cases, a woman may continue to have periods throughout pregnancy. If this occurs, or if you notice any unusual spotting or bleeding, you must immediately contact your physician.

Soreness or tenderness in the breasts are common first trimester symptoms. A good, supportive brassiere can prevent unnecessary pain. A long, warm bath can also provide soothing comfort if this common symptom is especially bothersome. You may wish to think about incorporating this into your everyday routine.

While some women gain more weight than others do during the first trimester of pregnancy, you should not hesitate to adjust your clothing styles accordingly. It is never a good idea to wear clothes that are too tight, or those that restrict your ability to move and breathe easily. Loose-fitting clothing is healthier and attractive, even during your first months.

During your first trimester, you may become tired more easily than normal. In addition to a good night’s sleep every night, getting adequate rest during the day is also important. Plenty of sleep, and a nap when you feel you need one, will keep you healthy and strong throughout your entire pregnancy.

The first months of your pregnancy are an exciting time. If you are in good health, they should also be an enjoyable time. The symptoms you may experience during your first trimester do not need to cause worry or fear. Your body is preparing your baby to be healthy and strong when he is born. The changes and small annoyances your own body goes through will seem minimal, when you think of the wonderful results. Within a few months, you will have a newborn child in your life. The symptoms you have during the first trimester is only the very first stage in a great life with your new child.

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